A temporary series of mobility-inspired sculptures and resident-inspired work will demonstrate mobility in creative, architectural ways. These pieces will be installed throughout the Upper Peninsula at First African (1020 King Street),  Joseph Floyd Manor Park (2106 Mt. Pleasant Street) and at the St. Julian Devine Community Center (1 Cooper Street).

MOTION SCULPTURES – Clemson School of Architecture 

The heart of these projects is the classic picnic table. Using this form, students have created engaging sculptures highlighting non-car forms of travel, such as bicycles, buses, bridges and more. These brightly colored sculptures are located at  Joseph Floyd Manor Park (2106 Mt. Pleasant Street) and at the St. Julian Devine Community Center (1 Cooper Street).

DESIRE LINES – Vassiliki Falkehag

In some parts of the world, people walking naturally can inspire where and how streets are created. This sculptural installation, titled DESIRE LINES, integrates motion with emotion which affects our decision-making processes, whether they be social, political or individual. The materials — rubber tires from cars and bicycles — will be integrated to form an organic shape on the landscape with living native plants to offset our carbon footprint and celebrate that we all co-exist. Located along Meeting Street at 1630 Meeting, DESIRE LINES is visible from a car, but we encourage you to stop and sit down amongst the installation.

XYLO-PLAY – Susan Gregory with neighbors Ben Gibbins, Patrick Marzett and Tracey Pickard.

An interactive sculpture, this playful piece invites passersby to bring music through motion with a giant, colorful xylophone by EP Board Member and Artist Susan Gregory. Location: First African, 1020 King Street


Erin Butcheck of College of Charleston

Join Choreographer Erin Butcheck and friends on Sunday, May 20 from 5 – 7pm to participate in a choreographed video shoot featuring all forms of transportation. Please bring a bike, roller skates, scooter, wheelchair, skateboard, or any other form of wheels. Filmed via drone video in the parking lot at 995 Morrison Drive, dancers will learn a very simple choreography (no dance experience necessary!) and perform the work, trained by professional dancers from College of Charleston.

Interested? Please contact bennett@enoughpie.org

Erin Butcheck of College of Charleston & Bridget Corrigan of DanceFX

Crosswalk Dances is a mapped dance performance in which dancers complete short dances in the amount of time it takes to cross at a light. Performed by dancers from the College of Charleston and the local community, the improvised peice asks dancers to respond in the moment to “prompts” inspired by traffic such as yield, stop, change lanes, bumper to bumper, etc. Audiences can follow the dancers along the route or stumble upon the performance as it is occurring.

Interested? Please contact bennett@enoughpie.org


The Devine Knitters & Clemson’s School of Architecture

Knitters and crocheters meet weekly at St. Julian Devine Community Center to create a colorful, artistic sculpture wrapped in yarn. The sculpture, an architectural folly, is being created by Clemson’s School of Architecture. The knitted piece will be positioned on the lawn of the St. Julian Devine Community Center at 1 Cooper St. and we will encourage interaction with the community-created, life-sized public art piece.

The Devine Knitters meet Mondays at 5:30pm in the 3rd Floor of St. Julian Devine Community Center, 1 Cooper Street. All are welcome and all materials are provided.

Interested? Please contact bennett@enoughpie.org


Megan Tomasso, Jillian Nichols, Cortney Bishop Design, Kaelyn Robinson & Avery Kennedy-Penuel of American College of the Building Arts, & April Magill of Root Down Designs

The Upper Peninsula is in desperate need of bus stops that are complete, hospitable, and safe.  A coalition of local architects and artists will design and construct creative, functional temporary bus stops that are comfortable to sit at and protect riders from the elements.  Some stops will employ sustainable, time-tested techniques like rammed-earth modeling, while others will tap into the modern aesthetic of clean geometric lines. Some bus stops will be up for only 30 days, others will stay on the landscape longer.


Paisley Addams, Alec Brebner, Ill Vibe The Tribe, P-Nut, Katie Petterson & Heather Thornton

UP NOW! Check out these vibrant crosswalks on Upper King Street today.

Upper King Street is the focus of our artistic crosswalk series. With 14 creative crosswalks designed by 5 local artists, we seek to link people on foot with restaurants, schools, neighborhoods, shops, greenspaces, religious institutions, a library, bicycle and mass transit infrastructure, and a grocery store. AWAKENING: MOTION programming and wayfinding will further connect the community to these artistic installations.


Joel Sadler, YES&

Creative wayfinding signage will be designed and installed throughout the Upper Peninsula to direct visitors and residents to existing community resources, such as libraries, grocery stores and community centers.

Interested? Please contact savannah@charlestonmoves.org