Who owns the streets? WE DO.

AWAKENING: MOTION is about equality in mobility. Everyone — whether you take the bus, walk, ride a bike or drive a car — has the right to get from Point A to Point B safely, affordably and with dignity. Charleston’s Upper Peninsula is home to six neighborhoods with 3,100+ residents, 1,500+ housing units and 500+ businesses. Within this landscape, there are countless broken sidewalks, absent crosswalks and bike lanes, and subpar bus stops.

AWAKENING: MOTION is a series of public art projects that aims to transform the streets of Charleston’s Upper Peninsula by showcasing what’s possible when communities unite to create safe, connected, dignified transportation.

For general information, email bennett@enoughpie.org or call 843-972-3253. 

Calling artists! Neighbors! Actors! Activists! Creatives! Collaborators! Everyone!

AWAKENING: MOTION is co-produced by Enough Pie and Charleston Moves; management of individual projects is based on each organization’s strengths. If you’d like to get involved by volunteering or sponsoring, please find contact information on the Projects page. 

Want to MAKE something meaningful for our community? So do we. Enough Pie & Charleston Moves invite you to get involved with one of the AWAKENING: MOTION projects, centered around safe and connected mobility. The right for a person to choose the most efficient, safe and dignified method of travel is critical for a strong, empowered community. Through our series of community artwork and public projects in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula, we aim to dignify mobility through creative solutions, so that everyone feels safe & welcome on our streets.